Taiwan Cement Corporation

  • Sector: Cement and Concrete, Paper and Forest Products
  • Headquarters: Taiwan

Review summary

Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) submitted its Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) report and its 2022 sustainability report to ‘It’s Now for Nature’ and met all the review criteria to be accepted into the campaign. TCC is part of the TNFD pilot program and has assessed its impacts on biodiversity, identified and disclosed nature-related risks and opportunities, and adopted corresponding protection and restoration measures. 

Reviewed April 2024

  • Using the LEAP approach from TNFD, TCC located the nature-related scope in its business activities, assessed and evaluated its dependencies and impacts on natural resources, contemplated and deliberated over the existing strategies and future development directions, and disclosed the pilot results.​
  • Land use change, GHG emissions, pollution of air, water, noise, depletion of mineral/water resources, and invasive alien species were identified as potential impact drivers. ​
  • All TCC limestone mines have passed an environmental impact assessment.

  • TCC has set biodiversity targets for 2025, 2030 and 2050 regarding plant conservation and the ratio of indigenous plant species at mines.
  • The company also has other commitments through its Biodiversity Policy such as recovery and restoration of mining areas. 
  • More detailed biodiversity targets will be formulated in alignment with the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) and TNFD.

  • For the risks and opportunities identified by TCC, it has described  potential impacts and coping strategies.
  • For example, rainwater harvesting ponds are installed in the Suao Taibaishan Mine, or the expansion of restoration areas. 

  • The Board of Directors guides and supervises the management’s performance on nature and biodiversity risks.
  • The Corporate Sustainable Development Committee is responsible for approval and supervision of work related to nature and biodiversity.