Anne Veck Limited

  • Sector: Household and personal care products
  • Headquarters: United Kingdom

Review summary

Anne Veck Limited (AVL) submitted its Nature Positive Business Plan to ‘It’s Now for Nature’ and met all the review criteria to be accepted into the campaign. It’s ambitious for a small business and the company has a clear understanding of the climate-nature nexus. 

Reviewed April 2024

  • AVL has a Nature Positive Business Plan that describes direct and indirect impacts, including risks and opportunities, on nature and its plans to reduce its impact on biodiversity.
  • AVL identified its impacts on nature and biodiversity, setting baselines from which progress can be measured.
  • AVL’s impact is mainly about indirect impact drivers rather than direct impact. For example, reducing color chemical waste is a driver for reducing ocean and freshwater pollution which is a driver for reducing aquatic wildlife loss.

  • AVL aims to contribute to halting and reversing nature loss from a baseline of 2020, achieving net-positive by 2030 and full recovery by 2050.
  • AVL’s targets are SMART and connected to impacts on CO2, waste, water, paper, and supply chain.​
  • Example target: Reduce the amount of water used whilst hairdressing. AVL to review personal practices e.g. turn taps off, use of eco heads, and identify other opportunities for action, then implement. Target: from to 20m3 to 15m3.

  • Actions will follow the mitigation hierarchy and are linked to the targets.
  • The Nature Positive Business Plan lists the concrete actions AVL will continue or start to implement. 
  • There is also clear mention of monitoring of progress.
  • An investigation is planned of suppliers’ impacts on nature, which will inform actions to retain or change suppliers. 

Although the endorsement process is not clearly stated, it was AVL’s Director who developed the Nature Positive Business Plan.